About Us

About Us

  Our Values


For us, precision is primarily about quality. The work we do must be quality, whether we deliver high quality codes or help users who need customer service. We must be well prepared. We must be clear in our communication. And we must be punctual. We take precision so literally that we will meet precisely for meetings.


We at EasyTrade appreciate a great diversity of different personalities with different backgrounds and different skills. There is room for different opinions. Not least, it is allowed to try and fail. New initiatives from employees and new products are valued, even when it does not lead to success. If we do not dare to try, we will never succeed either!


We will recognize ourselves in our values ​​as we live up to these every day. Ceiling height is important to us, and it is very much about us having the opportunity to try and fail, and that there should be room for different opinions. We work with exciting and new products all the time, and innovation is central to our daily work. Every Easy Trade employee should show commitment and be curious. In this way, we achieve good results combined with having fun and interesting at work.


                                                   Facts about us

EasyTrade is arguably Cameroons best and biggest online marketplace. In 2018, the company was registered launched and established from its headquarters in Buea Cameroon. EasyTrade specialises in the advertisement of goods and services between private people, small and big businesses. We bring together thousands of Cameroonians both home and abroad on a single platform that enables them to do business easier, faster, safer and more reliably.

You can from our search engine, search for almost anything in almost any part of Cameroon, with categories as small as pins to other big categories like real eRegion and motors.

It is very important and a huge priority for us that our services are safe and reliable to use, which is why we have tremendous focus on safety for internet trade. Read more about this on our Privacy Policy.

EasyTrade Company Limited is a Limited liability company founded and owned by Franck Johanssen. We are a small, yet effective and efficient group of individuals that work hand in glove, with a common passion for success, innovation and hard work. We strive to be the best and always provide the best and most efficient services available.